Tuesday, 23 August 2011

collectors' house USA

Like most artists I often wonder where my paintings end up. In who's house, where, and hung next to which other artists' work ? I'll never know for the majority of my paintings as galleries don't give me the buyers addresses, but here is the five storey town house of a couple from Philidephia, USA who have collected quite a few of my paintings over the last 11 years. My work can be seen in all of these photos. I am happy to be hung in this house . My daughter wants to live in this house ....and I don't blame her .


  1. Interesting to see the environment in which they are hung. The house is a bit sterile for me, but I do like your paintings!

  2. Your painting " evening on the creek" has taken centre stage in our home. We are preparing to move house also, so it will look even more beautiful there. I also like your home.