Sunday, 14 August 2011

Beach paintings

On the beach, Carbis Bay. 100x100 cm.

Living at a summer holiday resort with a great beach has finally rubbed off on me, and I have felt compelled to work on some beach paintings. I have enjoyed painting the beach umberellas with their graphic patterns, and painting people under them has been a natural progression - although I am more well known for the absolute abscence of people in my paintings ! But the way I'm putting people in isn't like a portrait , they are just a human part of the landscape in my eyes. My long suffering partner Tracey has been roped in as a model - bless 'er - I haven't drawn from the figure since life classes six years ago.

Study for above painting

Beach from above, St Ives. 61x30 cm

St Ives. 25x25 cm.

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