Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cornwall today article August 2010

This was an article about three artists who have links with surfing, which nicely included me, for the ever excellent Cornwall today, edited by Alex Wade, who has strong surfing roots himself. The other artists were Ges Wilson and Jonty Henshall. Ges was married to Colin Wilson who was a champion surfer and good shaper, and I have owned a couple of his boards. Jonty is a solid surfer from down Sennen way, and as surfers tend to stick to home breaks, I've never met him in the water, as I'm always around Godrevy. The stunning cover photo is down at Gwenver near Sennen.

Paintings from January

This was my first painting of the year, a suitably wintery snow capped farm looking across to distant mountains. It has abstract areas of machinery and fenceposts which always seem to be strewn around farmyards, and a red ground to keep the temperature of the painting up above freezing. 'Farm in snow', 30x30 cm, acrylic on board.

Also from early this year is 'smallholding, Roseland' ,50x50 cm, acrylic on board. Painted from the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall looking across to the mainland. Use of a red ground gives the painting the underlying heat of the spring heatwave we enjoyed this year. A quiet sleepy day on the Roseland, with black hens sunning themselves on a smallholding.

Both of these paintings will be exhibited at Beside the Wave gallery in Falmouth in July.

Surfers Path magazine

Earlier this year two articles were published about the links between my painting and my interests in surfing. I have another blog about the history of surfboards and surfing in the UK, which is becoming a big source of information, .I have been surfing and collecting 60s and 70s boards for years, and wanted to set up a resource for other collectors, and the response has been really good ,both in the UK and worldwide.
This article was in the Jan/Feb issue of Surfers Path, a great magazine about surfing and its culture. Thanks to Mike Newman for organising the photos.

The painting on the right is now on loan to the Museum of British Surfing at Braunton, north Devon.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Welcome to Alasdair Lindsay's blog. In it I will show new paintings, recent articles, exhibition details, favourite past paintings and anything else I think might be interesting ! I am an artist living in Hayle , Cornwall, and work from an old grey wooden studio in my garden. I have been exhibiting my work in galleries across the UK since 1999, and have paintings on a continuous worldwide exhibition on the Queen Mary II , which were commissioned by Cunard. I hope you enjoy the blog, please get in touch for enquiries.