Thursday, 7 July 2011

new exhibition

A couple of shots of me yesterday hard at work putting the finishing touches on for a new show which starts tomorrow , at Beside the wave gallery in Falmouth, opening view 6-8 pm. I always work on the paintings right until the last minute, getting different ideas as I go along. As you can see I've even been too busy to have a shave. I heard a famous artist once say - 'the painting is only finished once its sold' and I'd be inclined to agree with them.

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  1. Hey, I saw the article in Surfers Path earlier in the year and am very pleased to have found your blog!! Im not a surfer myself but take a lot of inspiration from the coastline and the surf culture in this part of the country, and so always read the 'other half's magazines looking for inspiration!
    Love your work, the colours and atmosphere of them....