Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Allotments series

 Allotments from the air (no. 3) 45x45 cm ,acrylic on board . 2012. Sold

Here's the third painting in the allotments series, variations on a theme about different land use on a grid of identical allotment plots.  Flat use of colour and glazes lets abstraction take over the painting from the very start. My aerial photo , taken from a helicopter last year is little more than a starting point and a reference when needed.
This series looks back in some ways to my paintings in the late 1990s about large ships hulls in Falmouth harbour , where I used the marks and colour grades on the hulls to create paintings which had some elements of landscape.
Blue Ridge 2 , 70 x 110 cm , acrylic on canvas. Painted in 1997.

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