Saturday, 4 June 2011

Allotments, Longrock

Allotments, Longrock, 76x76 cm ,acrylic on canvas.

This is a painting I finished last week, of the allotments at Longrock near Marazion- which I only new existed when I drove past them a few weeks ago.I'm always interested in the orderly grids versus the spawl of growing plants in an allotment, and especially liked the view of the mount peeping over the top. For my initial drawing, below, I had to precariously stand on top of a wall to get more of a plan view and also to see more of the mount. There were a couple of worried looking allotment owners wondering what on earth I was doing, and they came over and saw that my intentions were honourable. They said homeless people had been helping themselves to fruit and veg under cover of darkness, which must be a problem on most allotments. The drawing above is a study I do before painting of sizing the compostion to the canvas and making a few small changes. The painting will be on show at Cornwall Contemporary gallery in Penzance later this summer.

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  1. wow-this is fantastic. muted but glowing somehow where do the colour ideas come from? Cant blame the homeless folk- reckon i'd do the same!