Sunday, 29 May 2011

Paintings from January

This was my first painting of the year, a suitably wintery snow capped farm looking across to distant mountains. It has abstract areas of machinery and fenceposts which always seem to be strewn around farmyards, and a red ground to keep the temperature of the painting up above freezing. 'Farm in snow', 30x30 cm, acrylic on board.

Also from early this year is 'smallholding, Roseland' ,50x50 cm, acrylic on board. Painted from the Roseland peninsula in Cornwall looking across to the mainland. Use of a red ground gives the painting the underlying heat of the spring heatwave we enjoyed this year. A quiet sleepy day on the Roseland, with black hens sunning themselves on a smallholding.

Both of these paintings will be exhibited at Beside the Wave gallery in Falmouth in July.

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